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Doctor Fish -  No1 Fish Spas in Greece
Doctor Fish is leading premier fish spa in Greece. Our calm fish spas are an oasis on the center of Chania and Heraklion cities and
near to Venetian Harbor, where you can relax and revive yourself with a unique treatment that will keep your skin soft, healthy
and smooth. Now a new Doctor fish point in the center of Athens City in Plaka near Acropolis.

Fish therapy has taken the Crete beauty scene by storm with Doctor Fish's team of tiny therapists leading the way. This popular
beauty treatment uses Garra Rufa fish, a form carp, to gently remove dead skin. Their suction-cup are perfectly shaped for
gently lifting dry skin away and it is completely painless as the fish have no teeth.
Media & Celebrities
Fish Pedicure was amazing. It's the answer to soft, silky feet  
Lisa Jarvis ( New! Magazine)

Unusual beauty treatments have been doing the rounds lately: from Demi Moore's detoxifying leach therapy to snake venom in
face creams to combat ageing, but the latest spa treatment – fish pedicures – takes the biscuit.

Marie Claire

“I love these little guys, they’re like my friends now!”
Sarah Harding

I couldn't have been more surprised to realize that beyond the unique experience of tiny little fish nibbling the dead skin off of
my feet, that my feet would actually undergo an age-reversal process.

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Now in Plaka, Athens City!
from Monday 5 March
Karaoli & Dimitriou St. 26
Venetian Harbor

(near to Sintrivani Square)


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Map Chania
Eikostis Pemptis Avgoustou 13
Heraklion Center

(near to Venetian Harbor & Koule Castle)


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Doctor Fish Athens -  Foot Therapy & Day Spa
Welcome to Doctor Fish – Foot Therapy & Day Spa, a unique wellness day spa located in famous Plaka, Athens.

We offer therapeutic and luxurious treatments service as manicure & pedicure, massage, reflexology, waxing and the famous
fish spa therapies.
At Doctor Fish – Foot Therapy & Day Spa, we promise that you’ll be served by the highest qualified therapists, receive the best
customer service and treatments in a peaceful, clean and relaxing environment. We want Doctor Fish Spa to be a place where
you can relax, rejuvenate and reward yourself.
Leave the stress and pressures of the modern world behind and spend time in our calming environment
.
Adrianou 59
Plaka, Athens

(near to Acropolis)


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